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It’s the Fourth day of 2022.

I don’t their ready.

Who is they?

I dunno.

I just don’t think they’re ready.

Didn’t you mean to spell it like that the first time?

Yeah maybe.

Let’s just blame autocorrect.

Okay, cool.

This is just a stream of consciousness.

You mean a conversation with your computer?

Yeah pretty much

Trying to hit save every new line

see where it goes.

It’s going down.

Like literally, down the page.

Does anyone give a shit about anything you have to say tho?

Who knows, but I keep fucking saying things, keep fucking breathing.

You wonder why you both tho huh?


I saw a thing today that said something like “ people love to tell you deserve so much more but are never willing to actually give it to you”

I haven’t received a living wage in, ever.

They told me the other day I’d make a great “lady of the night” but they couldnt or wouldnt be...

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i made that

I have so many ideas and websites that I can’t host this tao te ching site I made

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Key Terms That I Can’t Stand

This topic comes from a random conversation that happened in my office the other day…

Thought Leadership


millennial, gen xyz, etc

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it ain’t donkey kong, tm.

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Verb Origins

This is a love story, between a man and his dog.

Rocket and Cody. While I was distracted with my pupp, everyone else built their empires off of my ideas and brainstorming sessions. Little did they know, I had a few more tricks up my sleeves and a million miles before I’d sleep;.

In a world where mermaids and cowboys fall in love, there was an Angel Boy who was born between two earthbound worlds, and then the one to which he belonged, the stars.

Before the baby even reached the age of one, the cowboy and the mermaid fell out of love and created a rift that shook an entire galaxy.

Angel Boy then was lost and never knew where a real home was and had to create it within his own mind.

By two it was evident to the mermaid that Angel Boy had an iguana’s eye that wandered so he got a pirates patch and a monocle. He learned how to see through walls.

He loved to watch the news and...

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ay ay ay what it do?
you put ur face in my face n say
“no one wants you around.”

usually I be hella nice n just
say okay.
but today I be so mad

I see you talkin
Imma be walkin.

now i get it.
yeah I fucked ur boy.
he seemed to forget u when he used me like his fuck toy
guess u aint held hard enough, i didn’t know this ploy.

no one tells me shit
easier to make me into
that bit,


go fly a kite, alright alright alirght.

ay ay ay

put ur face in mine when you ready to really work it out
when you ‘re actually ready to know what I’m really about.

toxic ay.

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voicemail greetings.

I’m using this platform so that cortana will read aloud the webpage with a basic voicemail greeting. Here we go.

Voicemail Greeting 1.4

Hello. You have reached Cody’s voicemail. Please leave a super duper detailed message. If this call is regarding Pizza, Love, Money, Coast, Verb, etc. Please do the same fucking thing.

If this is wells fargo, I literally need you to loan me business startup money. I’ve just been too chicken shit to tell you guys that in person.

I’m sorry I missed your call I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
thank you lol

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multiple streams of income - affiliate links and ways to send me money and a shop link

i have lots of ideas n stuff too

I will start with some bullet points.

  • OnlyFans
  • Patreon
  • YouTube
  • GumRoad
  • JustforFans
  • Vimeo
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Cash
  • Square
  • Stripe

What do i deserve money for?
Work, Ideas, just plain existence.

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This is more fun than Twitter, tbh.

how bow dah

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I think i’m funny. Sometimes. lol

I also hope that people enjoy my humor, too.

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