Cody Tatman.

In a nutshell, I do nerdy computer stuff. From app design to digital marketing, I check all the boxes. I've worked with some of your favorite brands and personalities; maybe a few you've never even heard of.My experience ranges from one man startups to big budget political campaigns. My goal is to work with the movers and shakers that are making an impact in the world.

Photographer. Rower & Yoga-er. Taoist. Book worm and the occasional writer. 
I like long walks on the beach and believe in our right to free speech. 

Founder of Verb Creative Group, LLC. Sacramento Proud..


What gets you up in the morning? Why?

Let's work together to answer that question. It's hard to decide where you'd like to take your life journey. I work with people one-on-one to discuss their business ideas, brand development, and personal growth. 

E-mail me at or call 916.619.9166 to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Curriculum Vitae.

2019, Verb Creative Group - Founder / CEO
2018, Sacramento Advertising Club - Advertising Chair
2017-18, Digital Marketing Labs - Marketing Manager, Client Marketing Campaigns
2016, Trilogy Interactive - Production Specialist, Political Communications
2014-15, Swivl - Marketing Manager, Graphic Design, App Development
2014, Oliver and Sons - Design Associate, Client Marketing Campaigns
2014, Blue Clover Design - Marketing Consultant, Online Presence
2014, sfai - Marketing Consultant, Email Campaigns
2013,  Cityxcape - Design Consultant, App Development
2013, Limelight Interactive - Design Consultant, App Development
2011-12, Jack Frost Design - Marketing Manager, Digital Campaigns
2011, Blast Analytics & Marketing - Junior Digital Marketing Assistant
2011, Google via Marketstar - Chrome OS Specialist
2010 Canon via BDSmtkg- Brand Specialist
2010-19, CT Creative, Brand Guidance, Design & Marketing