voicemail greetings.

I’m using this platform so that cortana will read aloud the webpage with a basic voicemail greeting. Here we go.

Voicemail Greeting 1.4

Hello. You have reached Cody’s voicemail. Please leave a super duper detailed message. If this call is regarding Pizza, Love, Money, Coast, Verb, etc. Please do the same fucking thing.

If this is wells fargo, I literally need you to loan me business startup money. I’ve just been too chicken shit to tell you guys that in person.

I’m sorry I missed your call I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
thank you lol


Now read this


ay ay ay what it do? you put ur face in my face n say “no one wants you around.” hey. usually I be hella nice n just say okay. but today I be so mad I see you talkin Imma be walkin. oy now i get it. yeah I fucked ur boy. he seemed to... Continue →