Verb Origins

This is a love story, between a man and his dog.

Rocket and Cody. While I was distracted with my pupp, everyone else built their empires off of my ideas and brainstorming sessions. Little did they know, I had a few more tricks up my sleeves and a million miles before I’d sleep;.

In a world where mermaids and cowboys fall in love, there was an Angel Boy who was born between two earthbound worlds, and then the one to which he belonged, the stars.

Before the baby even reached the age of one, the cowboy and the mermaid fell out of love and created a rift that shook an entire galaxy.

Angel Boy then was lost and never knew where a real home was and had to create it within his own mind.

By two it was evident to the mermaid that Angel Boy had an iguana’s eye that wandered so he got a pirates patch and a monocle. He learned how to see through walls.

He loved to watch the news and dance to the music on television. Long rides in the pickup truck blasting country music while watching the world fly by, his imagination and vision got sharper.

With building blocks made of cardboard, he built forts big enough to sleep in and miniature kingdoms made from MEGOS.

Elevators were alligators and bugs were BUUGS.

He paved new roads with knockoff sneakers that still had shoelaces and rubber soles. Sometimes, they were even some sick slip kicks. We paid less.

By 7 years old, not only did I learn to ride my first pony, but I learned how to put paper clips in the floppy drive of the lcd cpu.

By 27 his cock was famous. Just like Kim. He fought for the rights of millions and was Trumped. Are those things related, nah but it’s about big egos. Who’s gonna get trumped this time in 2020? Trump is.

He dances, on purpose. I hope you cry right now and no I ain’t jokin.

The Mermaid’s Fountain smells radioactive.

AT 30, he literally said BLEEP.FIT
[[ ((( say what you need to say ))) ]] { bleep ↵ }

We love a sequel.

Angel Boy lives in a house haunted by Linda and now Cody. Scary mothafuckas.

He drank to find the ideas hiding at the bottom of the bottles. Forgive him for he has zinned.

The mermaid married a robocop and she forgot how to swim because he wasn’t made of stainless steel. He became a rusty barrel of shit.

A creepy little girl and her honey boo boo momma tried to invade his childhood home, and may have succeeded due to the mermaid’s ability to swim to the bottom of every wine bottle she could find.

I haven’t decided if everyone in this film are bad guys. Survivor Gay, it’ll be a first. Angel Boy will be an escaped mental patient looking for seclusion in a house that the bad guys break into - two films // lost people on his property and his – “well I’m gonna wear this scream mask if they wanna fuck with me”



Blonde Girl’s perspective – somehow is stuck in underground sewer system dark even though it’s during the day – we see her running away from various fake jump scares, getting filthy in the process – exhausted, she is wheezing and cannot speak – like a zombie.

Angel Boy’s perspective – having already been scared by other various people trying to trespass on his property and zombie-esque creatures, and ghosts, he is on high alert. — Next day he is outside weed wacking his lawn.

BG – seeing light above her she begins to climb a ladder up to the grate fingers through the grate

AB – looks down at scary fingers coming through his grate and girl making zombie sounds – he weed wacks her fingers off — she falls down the ladder, screams – and begins to climb back up — help — she opens the grate and weed wacks her head off. both screaming at each other lmfao

but funny from his perspective, scary from hers. Scream 7 // Scary Movie 7



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