Lyin King

I lie sometimes.
so do you.

What do I lie about? I plead the fifth.
What do you lie about? You plead the 5th.

Where do our psychological issue stem from? I dunno. That’s not my department. Here’s my personal thoughts on it though.

We have all been subject to Tiger King by now. Today, I was intoduced to the term “Tiger Mom.” which is in reference to strict parenting styles in China where parents push their children so hard to succeed that they end up having psychological issues.

I am just going to list out my whammies in a place where I can see them:

With that said, I want to apologize to anyone that I’ve hurt through the years. Hurt people hurt people. That’s how the saying goes right?

I think this is the first time I’ve actually had the courage to really sit down and write these things out. Life moves on. We grow. We learn. We get better.

This is why I ask for money. I am looking for some kind of normalcy in my life. Sure, I have a ton of “money-making ideas” but no one has invested or shown a true interest in helping me achieve these goals, so I am asking for a house, a new car and some money. I need a way to have independence and stability without having to worry about where the money is coming from for my mental health. I am the type of person that needs to live alone or with a partner of my choosing. I think that a lot of people out there could really understand this. There is more than enough housing out there for myself and for others whether in newly developed overpriced buildings that no one can afford. Especially in these crazy times we’re living in.

If you can’t donate, that’s fine. Anything helps. Spreading this message helps. Like, Share and subscribe for the people watching this on Youtube later. Also, subscribe to my OnlyFans if you’re into that kinda thing. It’s not cheap because minimum wage should be $50 an hour if anyone is to have a “living” wage, at least in California. Let’s call it a Thriving Wage. Nationwide. Call your senator. lol These big corps are making the most money ever while we are being forced to stay at home. I know that it is for safety reasons but I also see the flip side of it too. It’s hurting many, many businesses and it sucks. I digress.

I guess what I’m saying is… Help, please?

I’ve made my mistakes but I have had more thoughts of suicide - and called the hotlines more times than I’m comfortable within recent times;

Help, please. So I can do something of meaning in this world that makes sense for me. Fuck.


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