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The Plan - Outlined Simply


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Lyin King

I lie sometimes.
so do you.

What do I lie about? I plead the fifth.
What do you lie about? You plead the 5th.

Where do our psychological issue stem from? I dunno. That’s not my department. Here’s my personal thoughts on it though.

We have all been subject to Tiger King by now. Today, I was intoduced to the term “Tiger Mom.” which is in reference to strict parenting styles in China where parents push their children so hard to succeed that they end up having psychological issues.

I am just going to list out my whammies in a place where I can see them:

  • Adopted
  • Child of Divorced Parents (@ 1.5yrs old)
  • Occasionally Abusive Parents
  • Occasionally Abusive Step-Parents
  • Parents with Anger issues
  • Violent and Angry Step-Siblings
  • Bullied for having Glasses
  • Bullied for being Gay
  • Bullied for being fat
  • Bullied for being skinny
  • Bullied for being nerdy
  • Bullied for being hairy (thank god thats a...

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Video Production on Chromebook

The Question: Can you really produce video on a Chromebook?

The Hypothesis: Higher powered machines running ChromeOS are capable, if not most equipped for video production workflows.

The Experiment: Over the next 30 days, I am going to produce 4 pieces of video content about my process of using a Chromebook Pixel LS as the primary machine for video production. This will include the tools I used to produce the content and will explore on the overall workflow.

Why? After working with a high powered 2011 iMac for nearly 8 years, I have transitioned almost completely to a Chromebook Pixel for my daily work. There are pros and cons to the operating system and there are ways I feel constrained and others where I feel liberated. I am exploring why someone would consider purchasing a Chromebook over a Macbook, iPad or a Windows machine for a video production workflow.

Tools Used: All tools...

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We’re not so different, you and I…

how design werks

5 Powerful [af] Sentences


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Not Bad for a Cow Town.

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Proud Arugula University Graduate


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