It’s the Fourth day of 2022.

I don’t their ready.

Who is they?

I dunno.

I just don’t think they’re ready.

Didn’t you mean to spell it like that the first time?

Yeah maybe.

Let’s just blame autocorrect.

Okay, cool.

This is just a stream of consciousness.

You mean a conversation with your computer?

Yeah pretty much

Trying to hit save every new line

see where it goes.

It’s going down.

Like literally, down the page.

Does anyone give a shit about anything you have to say tho?

Who knows, but I keep fucking saying things, keep fucking breathing.

You wonder why you both tho huh?


I saw a thing today that said something like “ people love to tell you deserve so much more but are never willing to actually give it to you”

I haven’t received a living wage in, ever.

They told me the other day I’d make a great “lady of the night” but they couldnt or wouldnt be willing to actually put the money in my hand.

You mean they wanted you to fuck for money?

Yeah that.

Or start an Onlyfans

Yeah that.

Your worth is more than that.

Yeah that’s what they always say.



Gonna need a stack.

Its not about living in a mansion or showing up other people… its always been about independence.

the people who didn’t offer me dinner I’ll remember them.

The people who did offer me dinner I’ll remember them.

It’s about to get real. I dunno why i feel it so strongly, but I do.

It’s strong af.

what is?

this coffee. Its a Quad Shot Espresso with Chai, Almond milk and a little bit of honey.

Takes a lot to make me feel something.

Takes a lot to make me forget someone.

Takes a lot to make me.


I cried in public today.

what for?


They didn’t notice though. it’s ok.



Now read this


ay ay ay what it do? you put ur face in my face n say “no one wants you around.” hey. usually I be hella nice n just say okay. but today I be so mad I see you talkin Imma be walkin. oy now i get it. yeah I fucked ur boy. he seemed to... Continue →