Baddest Bitch

Goodest Glitch.

I know someone once started a profound statement with something like: “In this digital day and age of technology yada yada” I’m not here to do that. I’m here to start a conversation about trust and magic.

So who can you trust?

I can guess a few names come to your mind… but what comes quicker is the names of those people you know you can’t. What makes one professionally paranoid*trademark symbol*? [I am borrowing this from someone else.] Who is the real wicca wicca slim shady?? When you’re building a business, whos to say who is allowed to come up with the ideas? Who deserves to be paid for their hard work? Green or Purple? Blue or Red? How does one build a business from scratch in a world full of thieves?

Your business has to be an ART. From the ground up, it has to be a beautiful work of art. From the content to the color of the type. I worked for the baddest bitch in the biz. Trust me, I know my shit.

What is magic?

Magic is when the design and functionality flow together seamlessly.

I build web applications with simple code and host them on New Zealand Based servers from CloudCannon. I take your data privacy very seriously. Truth is, I really don’t give a fuck about any of your information at all and no one else should either. It’s dumb.

I design businesses and take photographs. What you see is what you get.

So do you trust me? I’m an open book.



PS. Also, check out my onlyfans. its got some pretty hot nudes. If I do say so myself. Werk from home. lol


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